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Cullom Eye & Laser Center was proud to be the FIRST practice in Virginia to offer Laser Cataract Surgery using the breakthrough technology of the Catalys Laser. There has never been a more exciting time to have cataract surgery!

Leading cataract surgeons around the world are considering laser-assisted cataract surgery the wave of the future. As patients experience the ability to customize their visual results, more gentle procedures and faster recoveries, this advanced approach to cataract surgery is quickly becoming the norm.

Dr. Douglas Cullom, former Navy Commander, and his associate, Dr. Anthony Farah, are proud to offer Williamsburg and the surrounding areas this advanced procedure that is not only safe but also gives patients choices for improving their vision beyond glasses! There are no more reasons to wait to improve your vision, and your life, with Laser Cataract Surgery from Cullom Eye & Laser Center.

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ORA Technology
Cullom Eye & Laser Center is the first center to bring ORA technology to Williamsburg! This sophisticated technology can easily measure the vision correction accuracy during surgery when it is needed most. Having that information during the procedure makes it possible to fine-tune surgical adjustments and achieve results that exceed those previously available.

  • Real-time laser measurements during cataract surgery
  • Individualized cataract implant selection
  • Optimal visual results
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Combining Technologies
While the Catalys Laser can correct for astigmatism, allowing patients to improve their distance vision without relying on glasses, by combining it with Advanced Lifestyle Lenses and ORA technology, patients are now able to customize their procedure for optimal vision with results that minimize their dependence on glasses. Performed in our on-site state-of-the-art surgery center, this combination of technologies is achieving unsurpassed results for our patients.