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Better vision, increased comfort, and enhanced performance for both work and play are at your fingertips. Today, eyeglass lens technology has so much to complement your life style. The last few years have seen tremendous strides in the technology behind both frames and lenses. Glasses aren’t just about fashionable frames that look great on you. Eyeglasses are in fact, a package that combines the fashion and technology of lenses with the advancements of frames. Together they create a visual system that’s designed just for you and your individual vision needs. Ask the Cullom Eye & Laser Center staff about some of the exciting advances, especially in spectacle lenses, and find out for yourself why one pair is often not enough.

Cullom Eye & Laser Center features the highest quality and latest lens technology including the thinnest and lightest 1.74 high index lens, specialized computer glasses, progressive lenses and the most durable lens treatments to reduce glare and provide protection from scratches. We also offer a full line of high-end sunglasses. We want you to have glasses that you are proud of and enjoy wearing. Whether this is your first experience with purchasing eyewear, or are looking for a change of style, our professional staff is here to help you select frames that look good, fit properly and are compatible with your lens prescription and meet your vision needs. We want you to have glasses you are proud of and enjoy wearing.

No matter your style, we have the frame for you!

We accept most vision plans and are available to answer your insurance questions.

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