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Cataract surgery has advanced since the time of your parents and grandparents. Now the goal of cataract surgery is not only to remove the cataract but also restore your youthful vision.

While most cataract surgery uses a monofocal lens that may allow for improved distance vision, patients typically find themselves needing to wear reading glasses or bifocals following surgery for a full range of vision.

The average age of a cataract patient today is between the ages of 60-70 and often lives an active lifestyle. With Advanced Lifestyle Lenses, these patients can now enjoy vision that matches their lifestyle.

Combined with Laser Cataract Surgery, the Advanced Lifestyle Lenses Cullom Eye & Laser Center offers can correct mild to severe astigmatism and also can provide a full range of vision with a reduced or eliminated need for glasses!


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During your visit, your doctor will consider all aspects of your visual health, as well as your lifestyle, personality, and expectations, and recommend the lens that is best for you.

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