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Today, patients ready for cataract surgery want more from their visual outcome. They want to know what they can expect from their results, minimal halos and glare and most of all, improved vision at all distances!

That’s why Cullom Eye & Laser Center is proud to be the first to bring the TECNIS® Symfony Lens to the region!

The FDA approved this first-of-its-kind intraocular lens (IOL) that provides improved vision at near, intermediate, and far distances but with less incidence of halo and glare post-operatively than lenses that came before it.

Multifocal IOLs, first approved in 1997, enable a full range of vision, reducing the need to wear glasses or contact lenses for intermediate or near distances. However, patients with these lenses have complained about halos and glare at nighttime as well as breaks in clear, crisp vision at different focus points.

Results from clinical-trials show the Tecnis Symfony IOL not only has a low occurrence of nighttime glare and halos similar to that of a standard monofocal lens while also providing continuous vision at all ranges without any drop-offs in between. In fact, 97% of patients in the trial indicated that they would elect to have the lens implanted again.

Dr. Cullom and Dr. Farah offer a full range of surgical vision correction procedures and works closely with each patient to determine the option that might be best for them.