Dry Eye

Does it ever feel like your eyes are gritty or scratchy? Do you continually think something is stuck in your eye only to find there’s nothing there?

You may have a condition called Dry Eye, an extremely common problem that adults experience. In fact, it affects millions of people every day. Dry eye syndrome is literally the eye’s inability to lubricate and tear correctly. Oddly enough, some people who have dry eye syndrome actually tear excessively.

Causes of Dry Eye

Developing dry eye is often a normal part of the aging process, particularly in women during and after menopause. This is due to a decrease in female hormone levels. Other causes include exposure to environmental conditions, injuries to the eye, certain medications, or general health problems. For example, people with arthritis and diabetes are more prone to dry eye. 

dry eye treatment

Some other specific causes of dry eye include:




 Dry Air

 Indoor Heating & Air Conditioning

 Computer Screens

 High Altitudes

 Eye Surgery

Symptoms of Dry Eye





Tired eyes


Computer Fatigue

Excessive tearing

Sensitivity to light

Mucus secretion

 Blurry vision corrected 
with blinking

Schedule an Appointment for Dry Eye Treatment

Cullom & Farah Eye & Laser Center, located in Williamsburg, VA, offers a variety of treatment options to help provide relief for patients suffering from dry eye. Options include artificial tears and ointments that help keep your eyes lubricated and keep you free from discomfort.

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