Flashers & Floaters

Have you ever noticed a little spec or a squiggly line in your vision?

If you have, these are called floaters and are commonly found as we age. You may rarely notice them, or they may seem more prominent when you look at a blank wall. Sometimes you can follow them or even play catch with your eyes.

Although these objects appear to be in the front of your eye, they are little clumps of gel floating inside your eye and casting shadows on your retina, which projects the image in your visual field.

Floaters are generally harmless, but should you notice a sudden appearance of them, please contact us immediately to make sure it’s not an indication of something more serious like a retinal tear or detachment.

Additionally, as we grow older, you may see flashes of light. Sometimes these flashes are caused by a migraine, which may or may not be followed by a headache. If you notice sudden flashes of light, you should call us to schedule an exam. Even though flashers and floaters are common, it’s important to have your eyes checked to ensure that your retina has not been damaged.

Are you experiencing flashers or floaters in your visual field?

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flashers and floaters